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Kevin Hanschke
General Manager

Kevin joined Porsche Livermore in 2010, and the Livermore Automall in 2007.  Prior to that, he spent six years in the motorsports industry, specializing in exotic Italian motorcycles and off-road vehicles.  Born and raised in Germany, Kevin enjoys skiing, camping and boating with his family in his spare time.

Kevin's favorite Porsche?  The 993 series, because of the classic 911 body lines, the solid driving experience, and great performance.  Everything from the feel of the suspension to the click of the car door exudes Porsche to him - and he can't get enough.

Tyson Lane
Sales Manager

Tyson has been a part of the Porsche Livermore team since 2017, bringing with him over a decade of automotive experience.  He has lived in the Bay Area for about 10 years, and enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys when he is not helping clients at the dealership.

Tyson's favorite Porsche?  He chooses the 718 Cayman GTS for its performance, handling, and overall design.

Doug DeMasi
Finance Manager

Panos Constantinou
Used Car Specialist

Terry Erdei
Porsche Brand Ambassador

Terry has been a part of the Porsche Livermore team since 2010, and brings 35+ years experience in the automotive industry with him. Terry is originally from Concord and enjoys getting outdoors in his spare time: camping, boating, traveling, and of course, track days.

Terry's favorite Porsche?  He is on his 5th Porsche currently, and his favorite one will be the next one!

Ralph Gonzales
Porsche Brand Ambassador

Ralph joined Porsche Livermore in 2018, and the automotive industry in 2013.  He has his roots firmly planted in Livermore, and enjoys finding new local restaurants when he's not working with his clients.

Ralph's favorite Porsche?  That would be the 911 GT3 Touring.  It's the best modern "sleeper" car in the market with a perfect engine and perfect transmission.

Daniel Fox
Porsche Brand Ambassador

Daniel has been in the automotive industry since 2011, and joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2021.  He enjoys going for runs and cooking in his leisure time, and originally grew up in the Central Valley.

Daniel's favorite Porsche?  The Cayman GT4 is stunning vehicle that takes the prize, with an amazing exhaust note and is just simply a joy to drive.

Erick Ramirez
Porsche Brand Ambassador

Erick joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2021, bringing with him automotive experience with Porsche and Volkswagen going back to 2014.  He grew up in Hayward as well as Mexico City, and enjoys seeking out new foods during his spare time.

Erick's favorite Porsche?  His choice is the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo, for its aggressive V8 engine and design.

Tyler Browne
Porsche Brand Ambassador

Tyler joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2021, and brings with him five years of Audi experience.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, Tyler has lived in several different cities in the area and can't imagine ever wanting to live somewhere else.  When not helping his Porsche clients, he likes to spend time outside in nature - bike riding, hiking, and exploring new places.

Tyler's favorite Porsche?  The legendary 1987 Porsche 959 is his choice.  It was the fastest production road car in the world at the time, it was created for Group B rally racing, and the technology used in the 959 was refined and implemented in future Porsche models for decades.  It perfectly represents the tradition of Porsche developing and refining technology on the racetrack for use in road going production cars.

David Dagstanyan
Porsche Brand Ambassador

David has been a part of the Porsche Livermore team since 2020, bringing with him another six years tenure in the automotive industry.  He has lived in various parts of the country before settling in Livermore, and enjoys reading, art and film in his spare time.

David's favorite Porsche?  The 911 Targa 4 GTS takes the crown for him, with the combination of performance, sound, and the unique, timeless design.

Michelle Clupny
Dealer Customer Experience Manager

Michelle has been part of the Porsche Livermore team since 2020, and loves that there is always something new and cool to learn.  Originally from the Philippines but raised in California her whole life, she spends her spare time going to church, playing video games, and stuffing her face with sushi.

Michelle's favorite Porsche?  The 718 Cayman in Miami Blue is her choice - it's an eye catcher, sleek, smooth, and fits her personality.



Ron Cressio
Service Manager

Ron joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2020, and has been working in luxury automotive since 1994.  Growing up in the San Jose area, Ron has two beautiful daughters, and when he is not spending time with his family, he enjoys being a musician, photographer and chef.

Ron's favorite Porsche?  He has driven just about all of them and says the Cayman GTS has an unparalleled connection between the driver, the car, and the road.  It performs as you would dream it would on the curves.

Kayla Eagleston
Service Advisor

Kayla joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2015.  She grew up in Tracy, CA and when she's not taking care of our Porsche service customers, she loves taking her son to the beach.

Kayla's favorite Porsche?  As a mother, she is a big fan of the Cayenne because it combines the practicality of an SUV with the power of a Porsche to make driving so much fun.

Michael Sevey
Service Advisor

Michael joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2021, after starting his career in 2006 and becoming a Master Certified technician. Growing up in the East Bay, Michael enjoys traveling with his wife, cycling, attending live music, and watching his favorite team, the Oakland A's.

Michael's favorite Porsche?  After being fortunate enough to spend a day at the Porsche Experience Center, he says by far the best car he drove that day was the Cayman GTS.

Pamela Middleton
Service Assistant

Pamela joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2020 after previously working at Audi Livermore for four years.  Originally from Chicago, she now calls Dublin, CA home.  Pamela is the proud grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren, and she enjoys gardening, playing guitar and cooking for family and friends in her spare time.

Pamela's favorite Porsche?  If she had to choose one, a clean, attractive 2016 Cayman would certainly be a joy to own.



Luis Alvarado
Parts Manager

Luis joined the Porsche Livermore team in 2017, but has been around the automotive industry his whole life.  Luis grew up in Tracy, CA, and enjoys working around the house when he's not working - and also loves going for a drive, of course.

Luis' favorite Porsche?  Without question it is the 959.  It's raw power and innovation were way ahead of its time.