Should You Buy or Lease?



Buying vs. Leasing Which is right for you?
When it’s time to invest in a new Porsche in Livermore, California, we understand it can be a tough decision between leasing and buying. What’s the difference between the two? Does one option offer more than the other? Here at Porsche Livermore, we frequently hear these types of questions from customers. While many drivers are familiar with the process of purchasing a vehicle, some aren’t quite sure about leasing. Both offer advantages when considering a new Porsche from our inventory, but to help, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of both. If you’re in Fremont, Walnut Creek or the East Bay Area and are curious about the differences between leasing and buying, keep reading. As always, you can reach out to our financial experts if you have further questions.
Why Lease a Vehicle?

Why Leasea Vehicle?

Minimal Upfront Cost

Leasing is like renting. When you choose to lease your new Porsche, you agree to make monthly payments with the knowledge that you have to return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of your agreed lease period. A down payment for a lease contract is typically lower than it would be for buying a car, making your upfront cost much less. Plus, we frequently offer new car specials that provide lower monthly payments on a lease, which means leasing could be better for you in the short term.

Lifestyle Flexibility

There are certain advantages that come with leasing, ones that buying can’t offer. On average, lease terms can go for 2-3 years (or 24-36 months), so leasing is typically shorter than buying. Lessees are usually given 12,000-15,000 miles per year on the car, but you can buy more miles if needed at signing. Unlike purchasing, you can lease a brand-new car every few years, minus the hassle of selling or trading. Fallen in love with your Porsche by the end of your lease? You have the option to purchase it if you’ve decided you don’t want to part with it.

Warranty Protection

Because lease terms, on average, last between 2-3 years, your new Porsche will most likely still qualify under its manufacturer warranty for your entire lease. That means any damages or repairs that qualify under the warranty aren’t your financial responsibility, and most new cars won’t require extensive repairs anyway.

Why Purchase a Vehicle?

Why Purchasea Vehicle?

True Freedom

Although leasing can offer you substantial advantages, only ownership can offer you true freedom. Once you complete your monthly payments, your Porsche is yours to keep, sell or trade. You have the freedom to pick a new paint color or upgrade the audio system without needing permission. You have the luxury of true independence that you would expect from owning a vehicle like a Porsche. 

Financial Flexibility

While buying typically means a larger down payment, purchasing your Porsche may be more fiscally responsible in the long term. You have more financing options than a lease, and once you’ve finished your monthly payments, that money (including your down payment) is secured when you keep your vehicle. You’ll see better return on your investment when you buy, unlike leasing. 

No Mileage Restrictions

When you purchase, you’re in charge. You won’t be stuck with mileage restrictions (or the fees if you go over), and you aren’t required to obtain permission to leave the country in your car, either. Ownership means autonomy from lenders and the freedom to go wherever you want.

If you’re ready to be the proud owner or lessee of one of our new models, feel free to contact us online or visit us at 3100 Las Positas Road, Livermore, CA 94551. We look forward to serving customers near Fremont, Walnut Creek and the East Bay Area.